Taking a multidisciplinary approach at Integrative Pain Center of AlaskaOur Mission Statement

To facilitate the patient in their return to a functional life with support, education and
therapies using the most advanced, economical and safe techniques available in the medical, pharmaceutical and technical arenas.

Our Vision

The Integrative Pain Center of Alaska has the latest knowledge and research in treatment and technology of pain and is determined to be on top of pain management. Through the constant advanced training of our staff, we will strive to offer our patients the best possible care. We will keep to embrace new research in the patients care and therefor we will continue to teach students to expand our own knowledge in our speciality. Our leading knowledge of pain management and our education allows us to make a significant impact in pain management in Alaska.

Our History

Dr. Nancy E Cross came to Fairbanks, Alaska in 2003 to join the Advanced Pain Center of Alaska and decided in 2012 to open her own pain management clinic – Integrated Pain Center of Alaska.

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